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A few responses from real audience members

Heather, TLC Senior Living
Client 7

"Very Informational and Relevant to Life Success"

“I asked Mike to speak to a diverse group of municipal clerks’ with various job duties and population sizes. Mike was up for the challenge and seemed very involved by asking questions from looming issues the Municipal Clerks of Illinois might be facing to what particular topic did we want him to hit upon. He even sent out a questionnaire to the attendees ahead of the seminar, which was used as discussion points during his presentation. I was thrilled he customized his presentation to the clerks’ needs. It was a breath of fresh air to hear about happiness and positive psychology with so much negativity in the media today. I feel many clerks came away from the presentation with an understanding of the importance of positive well-being and my hope is they have been able to pass along that positivity to their co-workers, family and friends. ANY organization or business willbenefit from Mike’s presentation as he educates himself on the organization or business before the day of the presentation and personalize it to make it engaging for the attendees. Also, to achieve success we must find HAPPINESS first and Mike will help your attendees find that happiness through positive psychology!”  -Lisa M.

Client 8


"I want to thank you for all the good thoughts and ideas you gave us today at Bethany. This is a refreshing concept you are putting forth." -Josephine C.

Client 3


"I found your talk today fascinating - truly words of wisdom!  Listening to you is definitely one of the three things I am grateful for today." -Nancy F.

"Thank you so much for coming and giving such a great presentation!! I definitely learned a lot from your speech myself. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues for their events." 

Kendall B., Concierge

"Thanks so much for an awesome program. I will be sharing your talents with my two librarian programs networking groups." 

Laona F., Brookfield Library

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