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Positive Psychology

Psychology Enthusiast

Current programs are on the increasingly relevant subject of positive psychology, as well as topics involving group leadership. Contact Mike if you would like him to come speak to your company or organization!

Program 1:

"The Science of Happiness: Positive Psychology in the Age of COVID-19"

**Most Popular**  For all ages. 

What is the relationship between one's happiness and our family, hobbies, and daily activities/worklife? Are we obligated to be happy? Is happiness merely an emotional state...or something more? .


Program 2: 

"Group Leadership: A Scientific Look at Job Satisfaction and How We View our World"

**Great for schools, corporations, associations!**

Program 3:  

"Presentation Skills in a Post-Covid World"

Dealing with speech anxiety?

Not sure how to clean up your slides and make your presentation stand out? 

Working on a speech for work, school, or your association? 

As a current professor in communication studies, I have worked with students on making themselves the best speakers of the room. Speech anxiety is common and often terrifying, so how do we approach a presentation if we are hardcore nervous and/or trying to impress important people in the audience?


This presentation gives great action tips, tricks, and tools to make your next speech better than all the others in your room.

This is no-nonsense, fun, interesting, and promotes the mindset needed to become the best presenter you can be!  

*Can be customized for an age group or industry. 

30, 60, 90 minute programs to work within your event budget.

Discounted rates for local associations and conferences.

For availability, send an email to:

film set

About me

Actor, Educator, Speaker

Ever since I took a debate class in high school, I have loved public speaking. After college I started doing open mics and got into the stand-up comedy world which I was hardcore for a few years, and then got into acting in stage plays. Over the past decade I have gone around the country speaking to orgs, schools, associations, and clubs on the very relevant topic of positive psychology. The more I do this program the deeper the reactions I receive and the more it evolves to be a very effective talk. It's fascinating stuff, mostly science and no fluff, and I love performing it.


I also teach part time at a few different universities. In Chicago, I taught full time at East-West University in the English department. I currently teach at UT Dallas.


When not doing speaking/teaching, I travel, watch movies/TV, and talk all things comedy.


I hope to see you soon at one of my events! 


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